Why do I change my oil?

Rick’s Answer:  The main reason you want to change your oil frequently is that it breaks down and or gets contaminated. Water is a natural by product of the combustion process. When your engine is running it produces 1 gal of water for every 1 gal of gas it consumes. You will notice steam coming out of the tail pipe  when you drive the car in the winter.  If you drive short trips over and over the engine doesn’t have the opportunity to warm up enough to evaporate the water.

When you shut off your engine after these short trips your engine sweats, the water condenses and contaminates your oil. So the person who makes repeated short trips (less than 10 miles) is in danger of damaging their engine. With the way  driving habits are changing, frequent short trips to the store, trips to the soccer field or a neighbors house, oil has increasing amounts of moisture . By changing the oil frequently you remove the contaminated oil and protect your engine.